"Focused On Our Future"

Will Waggoner is running for the Minnesota State House of Representatives seat in District 26A. This district is located in Olmsted county, in the city of Rochester. It stretches from West Circle Dr to just past RCTC and from the Olmsted County Fairgrounds up to Silver Lake and John Marshall High School.  

Will feels that it is important to ensure the people of Rochester's voice is being heard at the State Capitol. Currently, the people are being cheated as their voice and their vote is being lumped in with what is important to Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The responsibility of a Representative is to listen to the interests and desires of the people of their district and express those to other legislators and actively work to achieve what is important to the people.


About Will

Will Waggoner is a Rochester native. He graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota with a degree in Political Science and a minor in History. After graduation, Will returned to Rochester with the desire to get involved in the community and make a difference for his fellow Minnesotans. Waggoner has been employed with Hy-Vee since 2008 and has worked his way up the totem pole and is now an assistant manager. Since beginning to work at age 14, Waggoner learned the value of hard work and personal responsibility at a young age.

While enrolled at Gustavus Will was on various residence hall councils, Gustavus Student Senate, and an active member in Greek Life. As a member of the Kappa Sigma Chi fraternity, he held a handful of positions before being elected President for his senior year. The fraternity was highly involved in the Gustavus and Saint Peter communities through service events and did philanthropic work for bullying awareness and anti-bullying efforts within schools of all levels.

Waggoner plans to get involved in state government to be a voice for young people all over the state. He will work toward increasing cost effectiveness and access to concurrent classes in K-12 education in Minnesota and advocate for ways to help Minnesotans achieve higher education without student loan debt. 

One of his prime objectives is to be an advocate for the future of Minnesota through the use of clean energy, fiscal responsibility, and keeping our well educated citizens working and living in their home state.



Will believes in small government.

Fiscal responsibility starts with limiting government spending and wisely using the taxpayers money.

Privacy, property, and personal rights are all unalienable under the United States Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment will not be infringed upon.

Education is key to building a well rounded society in which all citizens who can contribute, do contribute.

Health Care is a service industry in which the government should have minimal role.

Social security income should not be taxed as the recipients have already been taxed for it when they paid in.

Clean, renewable energy is essential to the longevity of the health of our planet. It is our responsibility to take care of it.

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Contact Will for more information or to volunteer your talents to help remove Tina Liebling from Rochester politics.